Building brands with soul – Housebrands

Building brands with soul

Housebrands is an independent brand consultancy working with clients from across the globe.

Our mission is to use our knowledge, experience and commitment to help build strong brands – brands that deliver on the bottom line because they have a clear purpose, set of values and benefits, in other words ‘brands with soul’.

Brands with soul resonate with their target audiences because they offer more than a simple product or service. They engage at a fundamental emotional level by mirroring value sets. The appeal for customers is that the brand stands for the same things as they do – it shares their values. Similarly, for staff, it provides the reasons why they will struggle into work on a cold and wet Monday morning.

Brands with soul are effective because they work at an instinctive human level.

Brands with soul

  • command a premium price
  • engage more strongly with staff, making it easier to recruit and retain the right people
  • provide a clear story, reason to purchase and enhance loyalty
  • know who their target market is, helping avoid a diluted, scatter-gun approach to marketing.

Creating strong brands

At Housebrands we know that creating a strong brand begins with clearly defining what you are trying to achieve and why, then marking out how you are going to get there. Crucially this means always behaving and communicating in a compelling and consistent way that supports your aims and ambitions.

It is this clarity and determination that makes the difference, because a strong brand, a ‘brand with soul’, must:

  • be single-minded build support from the most junior member of staff right up to the Board
  • understand in detail its customers and what drives them find a space to stand out from the competition
  • create communications that cut through the white noise.


Our approach

To get the best results we use multi-disciplinary teams, comprising both creative and strategic thinkers, as the best brands are a complex mix of the emotional and the rational. We have significant experience across a wide range of sectors and cross-fertilise our work, taking our experience in one sector and adapting and applying it to others. This keeps our work fresh. Working closely with our clients we combine their sector knowledge and skills with our objective brand expertise. It’s an approach that works.


Our offer

We offer a full range of consultancy services:

  • research and insight
  • brand definition
  • brand architecture
  • staff and other stakeholder engagement
  • internal and external communications programmes
  • creative transformation – honed messages; brand identity; communications tools.