Nutreco – the Hub – Housebrands

Building unity and cohesion across the Nutreco world through re-interpreting and strengthening its core brand values . . .

Animal nutrition and aquafeed giant Nutreco comprises two
main operating brands, Trouw Nutrition and Skretting, as well
as several secondary brands. With 11,000 people in more than
35 countries, maintaining a sense of unity and cohesion across
the group was growing increasingly difficult.

Our brief was to work
with Nutreco to help foster
a positive sense of purpose
and collaboration across
its global portfolio.


Working closely with the organisation, our first step was to re-evaluate Nutreco’s brand strategy, expressing and communicating it in a way that inspired all staff, wherever they were in the world and whatever language they spoke.

Key to this was re-interpreting the core values – innovative, collaborative, caring and capable. To create a stronger link between both the individual operating brands and the Nutreco parent brand, we emphasised their importance by expressing them in a new, powerful and visually dynamic way. This included their own iconography to ease non-verbal understanding.

Embedding the values throughout the organisation was critical, so we developed a communications approach to reinforce the Nutreco way of working. This focused on the need to work together as one global team, whilst retaining the autonomy to adapt to local market conditions. Our ‘connectivity icon’ is a visual manifestation of the Nutreco approach.

One of the main catalysts for this new communications initiative was the opening of Nutreco’s state-of-the-art head office in the Netherlands. The flagship building offered the opportunity to cement the values firmly within the organisation – whilst being home to Nutreco Group staff, the office is open and accessible to all, welcoming staff from all the operating companies across the world.

The new office celebrates and promotes the values through carefully crafted graphic treatments. These bring Nutreco’s values to life, underlining their role in the ultimate success of the group and demonstrating the importance of supporting and sharing the geographic and cultural diversity within the company.

Our work included both interior and exterior branding; wall and floor art; printed material such as take-away leaflets, brochures and posters; as well as the design and creation of key communications content for narrowcasting video display relayed through multiple screens at key points on every floor and around the world.




Branding the building

  • interior wall graphics celebrating core values – each floor extolls a different core value with all four values coming together on the main ‘meet and greet’ floor
  • full-wall graphics in meeting rooms, highlighting geographical diversity by featuring people at work in key Nutreco locations around the world
  • bespoke, etched glass wall safety decals throughout.


Printed material

  • take-away leaflets celebrating Nutreco’s operations in different locations sharing key operational, market and cultural facts
  • welcome booklet containing ‘all you need to know’ information about the building and the surrounding area.


Narrowcasting system

  • key animation sequences and templates – designed around the theme of connectivity and celebrating success stories from across the Nutreco world
  • an integral part of an evolving global communications programme, these sequences were created to be easily adaptable and renewed internally.
Project delivered in partnership with Strategic Fusion Ltd