External communications

Following the needs of the defined brand strategy, we work with our clients to develop the strategic plan for all your communications, prioritising your activity and target audiences to maximise budgets and resource.

Whilst it is important to be consistent in communications your customers are not clones. Different segments will be interested in different parts of your offer and different methods of communication – whilst social media is the love of many, others may prefer hard copy. The key is defining which of your messages are most relevant to which segment of your audience and which medium will be most effective in reaching them.

Our narrow targeting plan identifies key target audiences, their motivations, what you need to say to them and the best method of reaching them. It is the ‘who, what, why, when, where’. It works in conjunction with the defined brand strategy, bringing it to life in the most meaningful way for each segment of your audience.

The narrow targeting strategy forms the basis of the subsequent marketing plan which either our clients will prepare themselves or we can help formulate.