Isle of Man


Despite having a highly diverse and successful economy, the Isle of Man suffered from negative external perceptions, being perceived as a ‘tax haven on a windy, barren rock in the Irish sea’.

We worked with the Isle of Man to reposition the island as a place where people and businesses had the ‘freedom to flourish’. This extensive project involved evaluating all aspects of the island’s life including Trade and Export, inward investment, tourism, the citizens and the Manx concept of national identity. We interviewed and ran workshops with several hundred people from all communities both on and off the island.

The new positioning ‘freedom to flourish’ reflects the fact that the island is not only a safe place to live but is also able to offer its people the opportunity to have a flourishing career whether that is in finance, shipping, space management, film or one of the many other first class options available on the island.

The positioning was applied to each aspect of the island’s offer – inward investment, trade and export, tourism and citizenship – and has been successfully used in communications for all areas of the island.