Market Research

Research is one of the most powerful tools in any business, providing information, data, and reassurance to help minimise risk and support vital decision-making.

Although research won’t necessarily make all the decision for you, it can provide invaluable learning to steer your organisation to success. Alongside your own business acumen, a well-defined market research programme can provide you with the insights you need to make the right choices to move your business forwards.

Housebrands offers bespoke, cost-effective research programmes that are designed to address your specific needs. Our team is highly experienced in both qualitative and quantitative research, so whatever you’re looking to discover, we can cover a broad range of business objectives.

We provide tangible results through detailed analysis and reports, with clear, actionable takeaways so you can effect positive changes for your business.

What can market research achieve?

  • Identify your or your customer’s market size / share
  • Measure brand awareness, visibility, and perception
  • Gather evidence to support investment
  • Gauge likelihood of purchase for potential customers
  • Establish positioning relative to competition
  • Help shape your offer to inspire customer loyalty
  • Help evaluate and hone your marketing and communications strategy
  • Provide critical input into new product and service development
  • Build a united and engaged team

‘The Golden Rules’

Before you get started, here’s a few things you need to consider…

  • Know what you want to discover
  • Know who you need to talk to
  • Know how you should approach them
  • Don’t overload the research, be focused

Don’t have all the answers to these questions? Don’t worry, Housebrands can guide you through each step of the way. We offer a 360 degree research approach, developed specifically to support smaller businesses and start-ups who may have less experience of market research.

Hands-on support

Our team has the knowledge and experience to help you to develop the initial brief, including how to segment the audience, what type of research is best and what questions to ask. So, if you’re a small organisation thinking that market research may be beyond your reach, it needn’t be. Our programmes provide organisations with an accessible and affordable approach.

Each project is driven by impartial, independent input from Housebrands’ market research consultants who will review and develop all aspects of your project to ensure success. We also provide one-to-one support via a dedicated account manager throughout your programme.

Our end-to-end approach

Housebrands offers a range of tools for both qualitative and quantitative research including:

  • Design, running and analysis of market research programmes
  • 1:1 interviews, paired discussions, groups and workshops
  • Conducting research via phone, online or on location
  • Stimulus and survey design and creation
  • Recruitment via a comprehensive business database of contacts across sectors
  • High degree of data segmentation and analysis with numerous criteria available
  • Engagement directly with attendees via moderation and interviewing in the field
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting, providing tangible, actionable output

How can market research help your business?

Inform your communications strategy
  • Can I gain numerical backing to verify my corporate strategy?
  • How can I position my business to gain more customers and grow?
  • How can we improve our marketing communications to resonate more strongly with customers?
  • Is my messaging the best it can be and resonating with my target audience?
  • Is our marketing falling on deaf ears?
  • How can I cut through all the white noise and get my business noticed?


Strengthen your brand
  • How can I understand my customer’s perception of the brand and their level of knowledge?
  • Are we positioning our brand in the most advantageous way?
  • Is our brand strong enough?
  • Is the brand communicating what it needs to?
  • What are the most motivating messages we can say about our brand?


Facilitate product innovation
  • Is there a market for our new product/service? Who is the key target market?
  • How can we shape our idea to suit our target market better?
  • Which new products or services should we develop next?
  • Can I quantify how well my new product or service is likely to do?


Illuminate customer insights
  • What do customers really think of us?
  • How do I increase customer loyalty?
  • How can we improve our offer to increase customer satisfaction?
  • What are our customers like –where do they live? How do they live? What do they read, watch, do?
  • How do our customers use our products?
  • What else do our customers buy?


Understand and support your team
  • Why are our staff not as productive or effective as expected?
  • How can I increase staff productivity and motivation?
  • How can we increase staff engagement and loyalty?
  • What problems are staff facing and how can we address them?

Case Studies

The Fremantle Trust

Isle of Man


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