Ditch the survey, do the research

Every time I meet a client and they tell me they’ve done research and then mention the survey, my heart sinks…

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Building Societies success – it’s all in the values

Over and above the obvious chaos wrought by the pandemic, there is another legacy – a change in the way we relate to the world of work and a shift in our value system…

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Your employee brand and your brand are one and the same – get them working as one

The importance of brand and the concept that it is far more than a simple logo is pretty widely understood today. What is far less well understood is the importance of embedding the brand internally…

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Isn’t it about time we distinguished our brands from our branding?

This may seem a ludicrous issue – a simple case of academic sophistry. After all we all understand the terms, don’t we? Or, do we?

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Staff engagement – it’s not about the money!

Covid aside, one issue many UK organisations have been wrestling with in recent years is that of recruitment and retention…

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Building Societies are facing a number of challenges but ‘Vive la difference’ and it may be their finest hour

An ever-stricter regulatory climate; low interest rates; spiralling house prices; unrelenting technological advance and a divided society may appear to constitute a highly challenging environment for building societies…

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Staff loyalty in the Care Home Sector – is it all about money?

With us all living longer and the decline in the extended family, it is not surprising that the number of Care Homes across the UK is burgeoning…

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Want to attract more volunteers? Get your brand to do the hard work for you

With over 12 million people in the UK volunteering at least once a month you might think that it would be a doddle for the voluntary sector to get their fair share of help. In fact, recruiting and retaining volunteers is one of the biggest challenges facing charities today…

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So... where do you start to brand a city?
Is your marketing as effective as it could be?
How can you get your staff to be more engaged with your organisation?
What do your stakeholders think your brand proposition is anyway?
What do your customers really think of you?
What really makes you different, what is your USP?